Sean is an office assistant at Zimmermann Law Office, S.C. He is the first person you talk to when entering or calling our offices. His primary goal is to make everyone feel welcome in our offices, while handling day to day operations of the office and the needs of the attorneys.

Sean believes that going through any family law issue or a bankruptcy can be a challenging and difficult experience. Throughout his 14+ year career, Sean has believed in our office’s motto of “Children First”. He works closely with our clients on many different aspects of their cases, and assisted the attorneys and the other staff to create and implement office procedures and programs that streamlined office operations.

Ainsley McIlnay

Ainsley is a legal assistant who works with Zimmermann Law Office, S.C. and the attorneys in our office. She works primarily with bankruptcy clients and assists in family law matters. She is the one who will be walking you through the bankruptcy process as well as scheduling your appointments.

Ainsley recognizes that this is a vulnerable time for clients and focuses on making the process as smooth as possible. She is a friendly voice to hear on the phone and is eager to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.